Pastel Colours Tassel Garland

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Pastel Colours Tassel Garland



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This medium-sized manufacturer employs 285 people, both men and women, 25 at the factory & 260 cottage workers. Employees receive benefits in addition to statutory wage like provident fund and ES insurance, interest free loans and bonuses at festival time, there is also a staff welfare fund & the workers committee decides on how to spend it according to the welfare needs of employees. Resolving day to day problems gives them a chance to improve themselves therefore they are always in the process of improving factory conditions. They also harvest rain water and sell their waste products to the recycling company and have plans to install a solar inverter. "A team of employers should be self responsible, understand their duty well and should have faith in their workmanship with positive attitude. Their ultimate goal should be to make the end user use our product with a smile!". They are proud to have started from zero and be where they are today - their exports are increasing every year due to their hard working staff and workers. Their dream is to become one of the biggest export houses for handmade goods - thereby giving work & the opportunity to earn to poor families.


100% Acrylic wool   

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