About Us


Eliza Wray is the much loved creation of two very good friends and neighbours Felicity and Sarah. Felicity and Sarah met not long after they moved to the beautiful village of Frensham in Surrey, and discovered that amongst other things, they shared a common interest in interior design and home accessories. As Felicity comes from a retail background and Sarah has helped set up a number of small businesses, it wasn’t long before the idea of turning this common interest into something more emerged.

For the past two years Eliza Wray has been turning up at various Shopping Evenings or Christmas Fairs in Country Houses. We have had the most wonderful time at these fairs and really enjoy meeting the customers, (as you will discover if you catch up with us at one of our upcoming events, listed on the Events page). However we have repeatedly been asked the same question by the customers at our stall: “Do you have a website?”


So here it is after much planning and deliberation our very own website, filled with things that we love and hope you do too!

Happy shopping!

Felicity and Sarah xx